Saturday, April 4, 2009

An eventful day

We decided that it was time to get out and enjoy this beautiful weather! This park is AMAZING, i've never seen anything like it! Only an hour drive away and totally worth it. It's huge and surrounded by trees so you don't even know you're in the middle of the city. They have a creak going through part of it and a ton of stuff for the kids to run and play on. This slide was a lot of work to climb up to. Jamie and I took turns climbing up it and going down with the kids.

Can you believe how cool this is? I would have loved to of gone to this place as a kid! They had a huge pirate ship to play on. This picture only shows half of the ship...I couldn't fit it all in my camera.

The kids of course loved the water and both of them ended up falling in it. Thank goodness I always over pack and had an extra set of clothes for both of them!

Isn't she a darling? She always picks flowers for me and I LOVE it! Everywhere we go she's on the hunt for more.

I'm such a sucker for self portraits! I had to tackle her to get her to stop picking flowers for one minute for this photo!

The boys on a turtle and of course us girls on a turtle.

After spending time at the park we were off to do some antique shopping. We went to three different Troc stores, they're like a consignment store and you can find some great stuff. We stopped at the one in Luxembourg city and then we went to one in Esch Sur Azette and finally one just in france. I'll post some pics soon of what we bought. I first need to touch them up and do a little painting.

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