Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Decorating for Easter

Can you believe that spring is here? I yelled out loud today as I saw the trees budding (My kids and neighbors think I'm crazy). They do the coolest thing over here. They decorate eggs and hang them on their trees. They also decorate the inside of their homes with rabbits and flowers. From what I've heard, Easter is their second biggest holiday right after Christmas. Well, since we live here...we'll do as the Germans do!

Here's Audrey decorating as fast as she can so she can hang more than Ethan. I think we've entered the competition phase.

Ethan was ecstatic, can you tell? It was funny watching him decorate the tree, his little arms couldn't reach very high.

Drum roll please....okay so here's the finished product. Audrey's exact words were "It's a fabulous tree!" I'm thinking we may need more eggs and that six packages wasn't enough. Perhaps I'll actually buy eggs and we'll dye them ourselves!

Finally, I've decided to make my front door a little less plain and use some crafting skills to make something.

What do you think? It's amazing what you can do with a little hot glue.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A day at the park

The weather lately has been so beautiful. We ended up meeting the E. family and the R. family and driving to a park in Kirchberg, Luxembourg. We live so close to Luxembourg that it only takes about 30 minutes to drive there. The park was so beautiful, they have a playground and a duck pond.
The look on his face just cracks me up. They had so much fun feeding the ducks...we didn't have any bread so they had a gourmet meal of cheerios from us.
So, after feeding the ducks everyone needed to use the restroom. Do you see the hill in the background? Ethan went down that on his bike and you could hear all the mothers gasp (including me). He's definitely all boy and there will be broken bones in the future with him! I'll add a video when I can figure out what codec code I need to download.

Honey Pie Cake

Have you ever had a honey pie cake made for you? Well, it consists of lots of dirt. Followed by a slight whisking in of water and then topped with flowers. It must be made with lots of love and served with a smile. Isn't she so adorable! I know I am her mother but she truly is an angel.

After our yummy honey pie cake, we had to enjoy some bubbles. Because, what's a beautiful sunny day in Germany without bubbles? Audrey was very careful with hers and

Ethan had some issues with keeping his bubbles from spilling. They were a lot of fun to watch though. I think the highlight was when some neighbors of ours went for a stroll on their horses. The sun does not shine very often so when it does, everyone takes advantage of it!

Trip to Slegers in Belgium

So, we finally were able to go to slegers on Saturday. Thanks to some awesome friends of ours, we went on an all day long date! First, we had to hit Slegers and let me tell you...it's amazing! It's this hudge warehouse full of amazing finds. They have a site (http://www.slegers-antiques.com/) but it just doesn't do them justice. A lot of their stuff is a little too detailed for our taste but I did find some little treasures of my own. I found a couple dough bowls, interesting magazine thing and an antique iron.

I love this one!

Pretty cool huh?

Jamie has got a great eye and found an old wine barrel for our end table. I love it! Then, we drove and drove and drove to a town called Chiney in Belgium which had a Trocs. We didn't find anything in perticular that we wanted so we were off again! Our next stop was Tongeren. There are a ton of little antique shops there and we'll be heading back at the end of the month. Every Sunday they have an antique market and I hear it's fabulous.