Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Decorating for Easter

Can you believe that spring is here? I yelled out loud today as I saw the trees budding (My kids and neighbors think I'm crazy). They do the coolest thing over here. They decorate eggs and hang them on their trees. They also decorate the inside of their homes with rabbits and flowers. From what I've heard, Easter is their second biggest holiday right after Christmas. Well, since we live here...we'll do as the Germans do!

Here's Audrey decorating as fast as she can so she can hang more than Ethan. I think we've entered the competition phase.

Ethan was ecstatic, can you tell? It was funny watching him decorate the tree, his little arms couldn't reach very high.

Drum roll please....okay so here's the finished product. Audrey's exact words were "It's a fabulous tree!" I'm thinking we may need more eggs and that six packages wasn't enough. Perhaps I'll actually buy eggs and we'll dye them ourselves!

Finally, I've decided to make my front door a little less plain and use some crafting skills to make something.

What do you think? It's amazing what you can do with a little hot glue.


  1. good job guys! i too love how the germans decorate their trees and bushes with eggs. im so going to do that in anchorage (well, thats if there isnt a buttload of snow covering everything at easter time) as i think it looks so cute! it looks like ethan and audrey got a kick out of it.
    and your wreath is cute! i love seasonal wreaths on doors! i think i may have to buy a few at pottery barn when we get up to alaska as im so not gifted in that area...
    i will miss you emily! thanks for all the things you have done to help us out. we are forever grateful to your family.

  2. Cute tree - it's fun to involve the kids! I'm not good at decorating much either, to copy Lindsay's statement. Hope the warmer weather comes with spring!

  3. Wait! I just saw the pictures on the top of your blog, the black & white or sepia ones! Who did them? I love them! Darling!