Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our home

This post comes as a request from my mama. So, here's a little tour of our house for you! I'll get one later of the outside...I kind of forgot to add that one. We first start our tour of the entryway. They used a pretty tile and I like it except in the winter when your feet will practiclly freeze to it! Most of the homes here have marble stairs in them and they're beautiful but don't fall down them!
This is the guest room that's the first door on the left in the entryway hall.

Then we have a room right across from it that's actually another dining room and kitchen but it's pretty much empty. So, we'll continue our tour up stairs. This is the children's room.

Right next door is our room, here's two photos since my camera sucks at zooming out.

Notice the two children fighting? Nice huh?

These photos look a little dark, I may need to take more photos later. Anyway, here's the hall that's inbetween our room and the childrens and connects the bathrooms and stairwell to the kitchen and livingroom area. The door at the end leads to our bathroom.
Next is a couple pics of the left side and right side of our kitchen. There's a doorway inbetween the photos, it leads into the livingroom and dining room.

Next is the dining room.

The stairway goes up to a loft area and playroom. There's a balcony up there as well and i'll add pics of it all later. The kids trashed the playroom so it seriously needs my attention. :) So, here's the living room. I'm still waiting on my shelves to arrive and it's going to look great. I'll update the photos when they arrive.
Well mom I had to add this last photo for you because I know you'll love it. It's an amazingly beautiful cherry tree in our front yard and this is the view of it out that window behind the chest.

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  1. I love your house!! Hey, sorry to be a pain...but would you mind sending me some pictures of your hair cut? :)