Monday, April 13, 2009

My punishment

Okay, so while I was up on my computer doing a post for Easter...I was taking too much time for myself (20 min) and Ethan let me know it! Audrey yelled, "It's an emergency!" Once she yells this, it usually IS an emergency and Ethan has created some kind of disasterous mess. So, I ran downstairs as fast as I could to find this all over the livingroom and our kitchen floors...some furniture were given the sprinkles as well.

This mess was created with four bottles of "sprinkles" from Christmas. Let's just say that ALL the sprinkle bottles in our house have been put in the garbage! My entire livingroom looked like this picture. Plus, he didn't just dump out the sprinkles...he also spit water over some of it and cemented it to my floors. I had to sweep, scrap, sweep again, vacuum and then mop my floors. I asked him if he made this mess and this is the face that I got.
He's lucky he's so cute...notice the sprinkles on his face?

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