Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day

Easter day was an eventful but enjoyable day. The kids first woke up to find one egg left for them from the Easter bunny. He never brings their baskets until they come back from Church...this helps build the suspense! We all went to church and it was so enjoyable. The kids were awesome and Ethan sat on Jamie's lap the entire first hour. Audrey was perfectly content just coloring and both Jamie and I were able to hear what was actually said for the first time since children! After we came home and had lunch, we went outside to see if he came and he had!

They had so much fun this year, it seems like every year they get more excited. While we were all outside, the Easter bunny snuck in our house and hid all our baskets. Ethan helped Audrey find hers and then said "want that". He moved the couch for her so she could get hers and then found his inside their playhouse upstairs.

It took me FOREVER to find mine and Jamie found his like two minutes before I found mine but still bragged of course. We all ate candy until our tummy's hard not to. Anyway, my favorite thing to see was how Ethan opened eggs. He puts the egg in his mouth and then just bites down. It's funny to watch.

After we all over dosed on sugar, we colored some eggs. This last week was so hectic that we never did it before Easter but the kids didn't mind.

So, that was our Easter. We then decided to do a quick family picture and it actually turned out. It doesn't happen very often when we're all looking at the camera, with our eyes open and smiling! All you mothers out there know what i'm talking about. So, we love you all and miss you and hope you had a great Easter!

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