Monday, March 16, 2009

A day at the park

The weather lately has been so beautiful. We ended up meeting the E. family and the R. family and driving to a park in Kirchberg, Luxembourg. We live so close to Luxembourg that it only takes about 30 minutes to drive there. The park was so beautiful, they have a playground and a duck pond.
The look on his face just cracks me up. They had so much fun feeding the ducks...we didn't have any bread so they had a gourmet meal of cheerios from us.
So, after feeding the ducks everyone needed to use the restroom. Do you see the hill in the background? Ethan went down that on his bike and you could hear all the mothers gasp (including me). He's definitely all boy and there will be broken bones in the future with him! I'll add a video when I can figure out what codec code I need to download.


  1. Cute Emily! I love the honey pie and your kids cute smiles - they definitely love the outdoors!

  2. sweet! what park in luxembourg was this at?! brynn is all about feeding the ducks and you dont get too many oppportunities to do that in the area.
    i love ethans smile! such a cute boy. we are going to miss you all so much! im really sad about leaving...

  3. we miss you all so much,cant believe how the kids have grown!You all look great, cant wait to visit. Love,mom and dad